Night Sky in March

Stars chill winter’s night air.
Big Dipper shares its cold breath
Polaris sends us a blizzard
empty of snow. Orion dances.
He dangles above us, a band of icicles
arranged in a traveler’s shape.
They burn like silent lightning
throw bright frost to earth.

We can count on the redwoods,
tanbark oaks, douglas firs.
stand their ground. Streams ramble.
Water gives the rocks give the rocks
a little warmth. All the forest rolls
in the cold starlight’s arms, and remains,
waiting for the coming wind. These nights
take us in their arms.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park, March 2003


About pelicanguy6

I'm an environmental educator and writer currently based in Oakland, California. I plan to include a hiking/nature journal on this blog, along with articles on environmental education, travel articles, poetry, and spontaneous thoughts. I am a passionate hiker and camper and a world traveler. I really enjoy cooking vegetarian feasts, and specialize in veggie German meals for Oktoberfest.
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