Giant’s Causeway

Now, Fion McCool was a good and usually wise giant; he acquired all the world’s knowledge when he was a lad. He made an unwise choice when a Scottish giant challenged him to a fight. They worked together to build a rock bridge across the Irish sea so the Scottish bloke could cross and fight Fion. When Fion saw how big his opponent was, he wisely asked his wife, the sorceress Oona for help. They worked together to trick and scare the Scottish giant, who ran back across the bridge. He ripped it up as he ran so Fion couldn’t chase him. The Irish call the rock structure that looks like a broken bridge the  Giant’s Causeway.

The first shot shows part of the Causeway, complete with tourists with selfie sticks and stuff.  shows  coast near the Causeway… WOW! The second shows the coast near the Causeway -WOW! itself. The third shows another part of the Causeway. There is a similar formation on the Scottish coast, which contributed to this story. These are really volcanic formations; I am 1/4 Irish and can state that we (and the Scots) have great imaginations. The fourth is Fion’s shoe… the story goes that he lost it when he ran to get help from Oona. It is estimated be Size 92, meaning Fion would be more than  50 feet tall.DSCN1033






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I'm an environmental educator and writer currently based in Oakland, California. I plan to include a hiking/nature journal on this blog, along with articles on environmental education, travel articles, poetry, and spontaneous thoughts. I am a passionate hiker and camper and a world traveler. I really enjoy cooking vegetarian feasts, and specialize in veggie German meals for Oktoberfest.
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