Oakland again

We got back late last night after our flight from D.C., which was supposed to come through Chicago, was cancelled. Southwest placed us on a flight where we had to change planes in Houston. We nearly missed the flight, but are home alive and well, although a bit achey – planes will do that to you.

Ok – the search for a home continues. Kate and I agree that we have to rest and recuperate for a few days, then go over our notes re. Charlottesville. As I have expressed, we really like the town, the people, the region. Here are the hesitations:

  1. Growing development, and sprawl. I have described this in detail, ’nuff said for now.
  2. We are currently a one car family, relying on bikes and public transit as much as possible. The bus service is better than in some towns, but it is pretty mediocre- some busses run once an hour and not on weekends at all. There is no regional transit at all. As for bikes, lanes for them are rare, and they disappear without a warning, kind of like wild fungi in a drought.
  3. The work situation could be difficult. There is currently low unemployment, meaning that jobs that are available are not the best. This is also a town of overqualified workers – many waiters, barristas, and retail folk have Master’s degrees. Besides, work in my field – natural history/ environmental education seems scarce, to put it mildly. There may be ways of adjusting this latter situation, but I have to research it and be creative.
  4. We both want to be connected with a science museum, and do some citizen science – that is, research and other activities that support working scientists’ efforts.  Strange for such a literate/intellectual town, but there are no science museums in C’ville. Again, this situation can change, but it will take some creativity.

So- we plan to watch C’ville, and look at other towns. The romantic dreamer sides of us are tempered with a bit of reality. Today we hiked in Oakland, by Late Temescal, one of our favorite easy hikes. A river otter swam by while song sparrows serenaded us. But- traffic, people walking through markets with headphones unconcerned with anyone else’s presence, and expense… where is home? This theme will continue in this blog.


About pelicanguy6

I'm an environmental educator and writer currently based in Oakland, California. I plan to include a hiking/nature journal on this blog, along with articles on environmental education, travel articles, poetry, and spontaneous thoughts. I am a passionate hiker and camper and a world traveler. I really enjoy cooking vegetarian feasts, and specialize in veggie German meals for Oktoberfest.
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