Great day

Today we visited Isla de Corazon, a mangrove swamp that is administered and protected by a local community. They fish, raise shrimp, gather oysters and protect the mangrove forest, which shields the coast from storms and is a habitat for many critters. We saw frigate birds, pelicans, egrets, herons, ibises, cormorants, and more, and many of each species. Beautiful place! I have never seen a pelican in a tree, but there they were!

Our hostel manager, who is something of a libertarian and conspiracy theorist expat from the U. S. claims the rubble, etc. Were more a result of government boondoggles than the earthquake. I am skeptical, but we will learn more tomorrow.


About pelicanguy6

I'm an environmental educator and writer currently based in Oakland, California. I plan to include a hiking/nature journal on this blog, along with articles on environmental education, travel articles, poetry, and spontaneous thoughts. I am a passionate hiker and camper and a world traveler. I really enjoy cooking vegetarian feasts, and specialize in veggie German meals for Oktoberfest.
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